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Hi my fellow fitness readers!!!


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Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

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Regina, x


Post contest

Let’s talk about post contest diet, depressions and the myths that people tend to fall off their training and diet after a contest. 

Yes dieting for a contest require lots of mental strength, so does maintaining your body after a contest. The freedom to eat absolutely anything you want but couldn’t during contest prep, makes you go crazy. You would definitely want to eat everything in sight, but keep this sentence at the back of your mind “do I really want to lose the body I had to diet and train so hard for 4 months” 

What I do to keep myself on track would be the mentality that nothing worth having ever comes easy. Fitness to me is a lifestyle and not just a phase or just for a competition. As a trainer, I have to stay fit to set a good example for my clients.

Post contest, yes I do junk occasionally because I absolutely love food. But I limit myself to one junk meal per week or something one day per week. And I still do my cardio!! 

For help on your diet or training, I do have customized diet plans and training plans! 
Online coaching is available worldwide! So drop me an email now to start your fitness journey! 

Let’s talk back.

My back has always been my weakest part of my body. At the start, it has always been holding the most fat and water content and no matter how much cardio I did I just couldn’t get rid of it.

During my prep, I’ve learnt that diet plays a big part. As well as changing up my training routine!!! 

I have always loved going heavy but then I realized that although it makes me feel stronger, it’s not leaning out my back very much. 

So I dropped my ego and went moderately light on the weights and increasing my reps to feel the burn. Doing giant sets promotes hypertrophy that could accelerate fat burning. 

Try super setting your exercises or try hypertrophy!!! It worked for me! But there are still rooms for improvement. 

Try it and let me know if you feel the burn, if you do, keep going, don’t stop till you’re done and you’ll thank yourself after!!! 
Back to the grind, 

Regina x


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Back to the grind,
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Wide grip upright rows 

Why should you do wide grip upright rows? 

Getting Boulder shoulders is not easy, in fact it is tough, more so for females who are afraid of lifting too heavy! 

It is advised not to use momentum during this exercise as it would hinder proper muscle growth. Wide grip engages the middle head of the deltoid(shoulder muscle) and hence giving you that rounded shoulder look. 

Try to go slow, focusing on that middle delt that you are trying to growth. Concentrate on the mind-muscle connection and feel the burn. 

This exercise is also good for people who suffered from rotator cuff injury (like me!) I tore both my rotator cuff about half a year back so this exercise allows me to build my shoulder and not compromising my injury or allowing it to happen again! 

Hope this helps! 

Try it! 4 sets of 20 reps! 💪🏻💪🏻
Back to the grind, 
Regina x