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Client spotlight 

A client of my Emily deserves a shoutout!!! She came to me post partum looking to get back her pre baby body. And In 7 weeks, she said that her body was looking better than BEFORE her pre baby body!!! I put her on a diet that doesn’t restrict her eating out on occasions and I educated her on making healthier food choices! In just 7 weeks she’s making a tremendous change!!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for her in a few more weeks!!! 
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Breast augmentation

Sorry for the lack of updates! Been going through a hectic phase in life. 

Wanted to update you guys about a life changing decision to get a breast augmentation!! 

I got them about 2 weeks ago. Let me know if you guys would like to find out more about the process and what it feels like. Before going through with it, I tried doing research and there isn’t many blogs or information explaining what I might have to expect! So if anyone is planning to have a breast augmentation! Ask away! I’ll answer any questions as I know it would help you girls! 

MyProtein Discount!

Hi my fellow fitness readers!!!


Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

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Regina, x

Correct form is everything 

Here I am performing a low cable row. Many people do not execute exercises with the correct form and hence do not see the results that they are expecting. 

The most important thing to note when doing any exercises would be to always merge your scapula and keep your chest up ( do not hunch or round your back) and always engage your core. Most exercises requires the use of the core but most people don’t actually engage them! So keep in mind the next time your workout! 

Hope this helps! 

Back to the grind,

Regina x 

Post contest

Let’s talk about post contest diet, depressions and the myths that people tend to fall off their training and diet after a contest. 

Yes dieting for a contest require lots of mental strength, so does maintaining your body after a contest. The freedom to eat absolutely anything you want but couldn’t during contest prep, makes you go crazy. You would definitely want to eat everything in sight, but keep this sentence at the back of your mind “do I really want to lose the body I had to diet and train so hard for 4 months” 

What I do to keep myself on track would be the mentality that nothing worth having ever comes easy. Fitness to me is a lifestyle and not just a phase or just for a competition. As a trainer, I have to stay fit to set a good example for my clients.

Post contest, yes I do junk occasionally because I absolutely love food. But I limit myself to one junk meal per week or something one day per week. And I still do my cardio!! 

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Vanilla Luxury

I was so honored when Vanilla Luxury approached me and told me they were interested in doing an interview with me. Said that it was for the top 6 personal trainers in Singapore! What an honor to be featured alongside the best! 

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Back to the grind,

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